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How to Choose the Best Propane Smoker?

You have spent much time searching for information about the best grills, but nevertheless, you still need more ideas. Or perhaps you are a beginner with BBQs and grills. Here you will find the answers to your most basic questions.

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We will list the top-rated gas smokers with all their advantages and disadvantages so that you will be able to make an inform decision and choose the smoker that is right for you. Since there is such a large selection of products available on the market, it is incumbent on the consumer to thoroughly research each model.

Propane smokers are grill machines that have added additional features. These additional features make the modern smoking machine a highly versatile cooking tool. Do you like grilled food? If yes, then you are at an advantage. Your love of grilled food provides you with a basic understanding of what is required in a quality smoker. Finding a good smoker involves a lot of research and therefore takes a great deal of time.

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There are many versions to choose from, including LP-gas and electric models. Based on professional research and client feedback, our detailed product reviews will help you choose the right smoker. Our thorough reviews of the best models will help you reduce the time you spend browsing the internet in search of information.

We are confident that the information in this article will make you an informed consumer. We stock quality smokers and offer them at very reasonable prices. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with all of our products. Starting from our base models to our deluxe products, we encourage you to use this article as a reference guide when considering the purchase of a new smoker.

Smokers or Classic Grills

Propane smokers are different from classic grills. The point is that smokers create a unique flavor and add a subtle note of smokiness to the dish. In the case of classic grills, you will need more time and efforts to regulate the heat and smoke. The modernized version has exhaust vents, which allow you to sit on your favorite armchair relaxing and reading an interesting novel somewhere in the back yard.

Propane smokers give you the opportunity to prepare a lot of smoked meat and vegetables in one go. This modern version of machines saves energy and time you will need for making curing for the first batch and preparing a marinade for the second one manually. Smokers help you get more food at minimal time. More to the point, there are portable smokers, which give you one more extra opportunity of having your favorite meal away while going on a trip or camping for your holidays.

Before Buying a Propane Smoker, Pay Attention To

How to pick a smoker:

  • You most probably love a wonderful weekend with your family and friends, enjoying the smokiness of grilled food. Smokers add new flavor to the dishes and new aroma to the atmosphere, as they use special ingredients of various types of smoky wood. So, your recipes will become exquisite and distinguished, making you a great cook.
  • Propane smokers differ in sizes, qualities, and prices, so it is not easy to find the right one. We are sure to make your purchase faster, most efficient and most suitable, giving answers to any possible questions on this unique product. Here we are going to list the top 7 propane smokers with their advantages and characteristics, which gives you the opportunity to cook food that is more delicious at less time. Let’s get started!

A Propane Smoker is

  • As you see, a propane smoker is very similar to a grilling machine, but the key point, in which a modernized version of smokers is more comfortable, is their quality and efficiency that they provide. They are multifunctional: they give you the chance to smoke any meat, even the whole turkey for example and vegetables in one go due to the possibility of adding shelves. So, you can cook a number of dishes on several racks in one unit at a time.
  • There is one more secret while using these machines. Wood chips enrich the unique smoky flavors in the food you cook inside the propane smokers. You can put any meat, whether it is sliced, cut or the whole sized inside the smoker, or you can put any vegetables – everything will result in a perfect taste that exceeds all your expectations.

 Common Features of Smokers

Most propane smokers are easy to use. They are not complicated. They have a basic structure, which is similar in most models, so you can easily use any of them. All smokers consist of the following parts. The first one is the main chamber for cooking that is inside the door. This top door holds the grates on which you put the food you are going to smoke.

On the sides, there are vents, which are necessary for a smoke outlet and heat control. Smokers also have temperature gauge and burners, a wood chip tray, a water tray and a hose connecting the main part with the propane cylinder.

propane smoker recipes

Fuel for smokers can be different. Many of them are similar to an electric stove or oven and run electrically. Some of them work with charcoal or wood. As for propane smokers, which we are going to describe in this article, they use propane or natural gas when they work.

There is a very particular advantage of the smoker grills, which we highlight in this article. This feature is that exhaust vents are located on different sides of the smoker. It provides extra bonus in controlling the temperature and emission of excess smoke. The combination of these features enriches the flavor of the food you cook in these smokers.

To get the best result that meets your expectations, when cooking your favorite food, smokers have temperature gauges, which are of great importance in controlling the temperature inside the smoker. Water bowls or water pans help control the required moisture inside the main chamber of the propane smokers. If you face any difficulties in the assembly of the smokers, you can consult the user’s manuals of the product, so you can be sure that everything goes right.

Best Propane Smokers

Well, if you would want to buy a smoker from the point of view “set and forget”, the best choice will be Vertical Propane Smokers. To help you find the right solution, we offer you the list of the top 7 vertical propane smokers with modernized functions, which will serve your purpose without any problems for a long time.

Best Choice – Masterbuilt GS40 20050211 Black Propane Smoker

If you are a BBQ lover, the best propane smoker for you is the Masterbuilt GS40 as it provides XL sized extra performance.

Although its price can be a bit higher, this wonderful product will surprise you by its performance, quality and delicious food with unbeatable taste and smokiness.

Budget Choice – Cuisinart COS-244 Vertical 36 Propane Smoker

Among the 7 propane smokers that we are going to review here, the Cuisinart COS-244 is the most valued when it comes to the budget. Best chefs also trust it, so do not miss the opportunity to buy it, when they are on the market.

  1. Masterbuilt GS40 20050211 Black Propane Smoker

The Masterbuilt GS40 is 40 inches in size; its outer shell is splendid black powder-coated. Its benefit is that it facilitates four removable adjustable smoking racks. So, the Masterbuilt is a favorite of regular BBQ persons who love spending time outdoors, relaxing and talking with your family and friends in your garden or on the back yard.

If you use a classical barrel smoker, you probably spend several hours not only starting the fire, but also controlling the level of temperature, as extra heat may lead to burning off the food or overheating.

The Masterbuilt propane smoker allows you to cook much food at the same time using all smoking racks. It saves your time and energy and makes you free from constant making the right temperature. It has spark igniter and the gas control valve, so there is no need for controlling heat all the time. More than that, on the door there is a temperature gauge, which is built-in and convenient: you can check the temperature while it is working. You do not have to worry about accumulating the ashes, as there is a wood chip tray that you can remove when it is required. So, everything will promote an absolutely perfect day outdoors for you and for members of your family.

The Masterbuilt is the right pick for you if you are intolerable to smoke, as this model has air dampers, which are adjustable, so you can regulate smoke, adding necessary smokiness to the meat and vegetables. You can add more flavor and moisture to your favorite food by using a porcelain water bowl. This model includes four racks where you can put your food. Any vegetables or meat, for example, the whole turkey, briskets or ribs as well as seafood, fish – everything will get the rich aroma of smokiness and slow-cooked flavor. The tantalizing taste of food made in this smoker is so natural that it seems like the flavor of food cooked in a classic grill. More than that, you have an additional 1300 square inches of space in the main chamber of this model.

There is also a heating element is rated at 15,400 BTU, it is called the Masterbuilt maestro and it shows the amount of fuel taken in a certain period. BTU is the British Thermal Unit. This model of a smoker is rather high because of its four legs and it is one more great advantage. It will prevent your legs from getting tired while standing or stooping down. So, if you like to organize family picnics with BBQ in the open air and you do it often, this version of a smoker is the best option, as you will have both a good time and a perfect taste of dishes that will exceed everybody’s expectations. If you look at this wonderful propane smoker once, you will understand that it is the best option without any question.


  • Much more space for cooking in the main chamber

  • Temperature gauge that regulates heat and smoke

  • Valve for gas control and spark igniter

  • Wood chip tray that you can remove for cleaning


  • It would be better not to open the door of the smoker very often while it is working because the heat accumulating in the main chamber should stay inside

  1. Cuisinart COS-244 Vertical 36″ Propane Smoker

A recipe book comes with this model of propane smoker, and if you are not very experienced in barbequing, you will become a perfect cook. This super smoker is suitable not only for your garden but also for your kitchen. Any place you arrange family gatherings will be comfortable and let you enjoy your time and smoky food.

You can start working on this smoker by attaching a 40-inch hose to a standard propane tank. This procedure is super easy and fast and it will take you less than a few minutes. After lighting the smoker, be ready to start cooking your favorite cut of meat or fish and vegetables.

This model contains four stainless racks made of steel. The total cooking space inside the smoker is 784 square inches. It lets you have an amazing party with perfectly cooked food on the weekend after long busy working days. The wood chips and the water in the porcelain enamel tray will maximize the unique flavor. So, you will get an unbeatable taste of smokehouse BBQ.

The Cuisinart contains the vents, which are located on the back of the cooking chamber. You can raise or lower them in order to create the desired amount of exhaust to add a tender smoky flavor to your food. This smoker comes with flexible gas supply and maximized regulation of temperature. Here you also have extra space as a tabletop where you can prepare food products before cooking or keep marinade and vegetables, which you are going to cook. On the main door of this propane smoker, there is a thermometer that allows you to control the temperature inside the cooking chamber. The doors close tightly that helps to save the aroma of your recipe.

The Cuisinart has two doors. One door is on the top of the cooking chamber; the other door is above the flame, the second door is lower, less in size for a porcelain-enamel tray, on which you put wood chips and water bowl. The recipe book that comes with this version of propane smoker gives you an amazing opportunity to cook the most delicious smoky food you have ever tried. Within two hours you will become the most experienced chef, who can cook any meat or vegetable with a unique flavor and tender smokiness as it goes so much easier, because of numerous advantages of this wonderful machine.


  • Suitable for parties on the back yard, on the patio, in the garden

  • The cooking chamber with two doors and a sliding tray for wood chips and water

  • More tabletop space

  • A twist of the handle closes the door tightly that let the aroma stay inside the smoker

  • Recipe book helps you cook amazing dishes suitable for any taste out of a great variety of recipes


  • There is one tray for water pan and wood chips. You might be uncomfortable at first or it may cause some difficulty, but you will have to work with it only after the cooking experience

  1. Dyna-Glo DGW1235BDP-D LP Gas Smoker

Are you looking for a smoker that will exceed all your efficiency demands? Do you want high-performance with low maintenance? Do you love high quality in combination with the least maintenance time? If yes, the Dyna-Glo LP smoker is the best option for you and your family.

The main cooking chamber is a spacious 1235 square inches. The powerful heating element is rated at 20,000 BTU. This gas smoker is an effective modernized product that has dual cast iron burners ensuring long-lasting performance. No matter what the weather conditions are, rain-shine-snow, the smoker is designed to operate with minimal temperature variation. These performance advantages are only just the beginning! The numerous other advantages will be discussed further. Now let’s explore all of the wonderful features!

Probably, the most outstanding feature of the Dyna-Glo is its electronic ignition system. All you have to do is to press the button and it starts automatically. The ignition system generates an immediate impulse, guaranteeing trouble-free lighting. The steel wood chip box and water pan are of the highest quality and greatly enhance the performance of this LP gas smoker by increasing the capacity of heat retention. It also contains sausage hooks and ultra-modern chrome-plated rack. The hooks and removable rack provide great flexibility when cooking. These options allow for the quick and easy changeover from one cooking style to another.

This smoker has four grates for cooking that are adjustable. Each grate has a rated load capacity of 25 pounds. For the novice, the temperature gauge with its clearly labeled smoking zone ranges will ensure that the required temperature will be maintained to give all foods an unbeatable smoky taste. The specially designed smoke indicator works with all cooking styles.

If you are looking for a stress-free and smoke-free party, then the Dyna-Glo is the product for you. The Dyna-Glo has been designed to minimize any heat and smoke loss by using a system of thick door seals on both the upper and lower sections of the smoker. Its advanced condensation management system will ensure hassle-free cooking, allowing you to spend more time with your guests in the patio or garden. This smoker will allow you to maximize the richness of your cooking experience.


  • High quality and long-lasting performance

  • The dual burners that provide maximum heat

  • Easy-to-use condensation management helps you save time while cooking

  • Electric ignition starting with pressing the button

  • Smoke and heat retention inside due to installing door seals

  • Hooks for sausage


  • Try not to open the door of the smoker frequently as the heat may go outside and the food will lose its unique aroma

  1. Smoke Hollow 44241G2 44-Inch Vertical Propane Gas Smoker

For BBQ lovers the Smoke Hollow Duo-door is a perfect choice as it is valued more than four stars on a scale of five. The size of its cooking chamber is 3.4 cubic feet and the heating element is rated at 20,000 BTU. You will love working with this smoker as it is convenient and has its benefits.

This model goes with two vents, which regulate temperature. You will not find this advantage in many off-set smokers. The upper and lower vents help optimize the heat while cooking.

You can easily control the level of moisture and heat inside the smoker, as there are separate doors for water pan and wood chunks. Four or five chunks are enough for working. Separate doors will make you comfortable with the process of cooking retaining the amazing taste of your recipe without loss of heat or smoke.

Instead of water you can use a marinade, it is a great bonus. Add marinade in the water bowl, then had opened the lid, put wood chunks in the wood tray, connect with gas, press the button of the gas ignitor and start cooking. The external temperature gauge is located on the upper door. You can either check this temperature gauge or use the knob and damper, which are located on the back of the smoker, to set the required temperature and to control the amount of heat inside the cooking chamber of the Smoke Hollow Duo-Door.

When you connected your gas and there is hissing sound, you are to hit the ignition and wait for a little until the burning is on. Avoid too much gas as it may lead to a flare-up. Spray the cooking chamber with olive oil before you put your food inside the smoker for a cooking session. So, all the preparations are over and you just take your seat waiting for a delicious stake to be ready, enjoying interesting conversations with your guests who have come to share this beautiful evening with you.


  • The heating element is rated at 20,000 BTU

  • Two vents: upper and lower

  • Possible to achieve rich smokiness by adding marinade as well as water


  • Takes a bit more time to start cooking than some other smokers

  • You will need more time to get familiar with the gas igniter

  1. Char-Broil Vertical Liquid Propane Gas Smoker

Is your food going cold very soon after cooking, because of the cold weather? No problem. The Char-Broil Liquid Propane Smoker goes with the BBQ oven as a bonus. You just need to adjust the damper that is located on the top of the smoker. The warming grates are one more advantage of this model.

With these specialized grates, your marinades will never go cold while you are working. They also prevent the cooked meat or vegetables from too much smoke. So, your food will not get damp after cooking.

There are three stainless steel grades, which you can adjust as you need. The adjustment goes on different levels, so you can try cutting different slices of meat. The total space for cooking is 7,566 cubic inches and do not forget about the primary cooking surface that is 595 square inches.

The Char-Broil Liquid Propane Smoker goes with the double firebox drawer that gives you easy access to the porcelain bowl and wood chips, so nothing will cause the loss of smokiness or heat in the main cooking chamber. You will also notice the system of cool touch, which protects your hands, so you will be safe with this version of smokers preventing you from burning out. The smoker has an aluminized burner, the heating element is rated at 16,500 BTU plus. To optimize heat and smoke control there is a temperature controller on the main burner and temperature gauge on the top door of the smoker. The temperature controller is self-monitored. Close to the main burner, rotary ignition is located.


  • Large cooking space

  • Double firebox drawer for the wood chips and for the water pan

  • The system of cool touch

  • Rotary ignition

  • Warm your marinades before cooking with the help of adjustable damper


  • This assembly may cause difficulties for first-timers of BBQ

  • Better to replace the water bowl if you use it for several cooking sessions

  • You need to control the temperature all the time unless you get a bit uncooked food, so your constant check is absolutely necessary while working with this version of smokers

  1. Masterbuilt 20050116 Patio-2-Portable Propane Smoker

If you like camping, going on a picnic or long distance traveling, the Masterbuilt Portable Smoker is just for you. You can have a BBQ party almost everywhere. Having it with you on a long-distance trip, you can stop to eat when you get tired while traveling.

This portable smoker is very easy to use. Just press the ignition button and it will start working. You can easily clean it and remove the ash by sliding out the wood chip tray. It is so suitable that you will take it to any long-distance trip.

You can cook ribs, slabs, ham or the whole turkey in this portable smoker, as there are two chrome-coated racks, which are capable of smoking any cut of meat. The heating element is rated at 5,000 BTU. You can control the amount of heating by using the regulator knob. The burner is stainless steel. You can regulate the smoke and moisture by the air damper. If you want to avoid grease when you have just cooked, there is no reason for stress. To remove all the drippings if there are any in the cooking chamber, just remove the tray.

One more advantage of this portable smoker is that it has folding legs. This saves much space for other things when you are getting ready for a road trip and packing your car trunk. The water bowl and wood chip box are also easy to transport, making your travelling comfortable. You may face difficulty with ignition for the first time. If the level of gas is low or there is no gas, and you push the ignition button, it will automatically lead to a vapor lock. No problem, it can be unlocked at once.

What to do in case of a vapor lock:

  1. Switch off the burner and the gas cylinder knob.
  2. Take apart regulator and cylinder, and make the lock-free.
  3. Connect again, smoothly and carefully open the cylinder valve, then turn it one time fully.
  4. Turn on the burner knob and you easily start lighting.


  • Portable advantage

  • Easy to use on long-distance trips, while camping out or going on picnics

  • Folding legs make transportation comfortable


  • The beginners in BBQ might be uncomfortable with the vapor lock at first

  1. Landmann USA 3895GWLA Smoky Mountain Vertical Gas Smoker

As with any vertical smoker, the essential feature necessary to achieve the smoky BBQ taste is the ability to control the levels of smoke and heat within the main cooking chamber.

One of the major problems in the smoking process is that when you open the smoker door the outside air rushes in and alters the chemical balance within the cooking chamber, and this ruins the taste of the food.

The construction necessary to make a cooking chamber capable of creating the necessary smoking conditions consists of a welded steel cabinet with a cover of heat resistant paint. Additionally, there must be racks and hooks with chrome plating. The rack size should be between 690-1540 square inches. Smokers are fitted with a steel water pan that is coated with porcelain. The high capacity water pan provides the necessary moisture for the wood chips in the box below to impart the desired smoky flavor to what is being cooked.

The cooking burner is constructed of high-quality brass, which is not subject to corrosion. This feature is found in models with heat outputs between 16,000-18,000 BTUs. The brass cap has an industry-standard warranty of 10 years. The controls are easily located on the front of the unit. This user-friendly LP-gas smoker easily provides the necessary heat for any cooking style in the range of 200-250 Fahrenheit. When you turn the unit on you will hear the burner ignition mechanism activate. Once activated, the desired temperature setting can be made by simply turning the temperature knob.

In addition to the temperature gauge, there are three adjustable vents that allow for the perfect smoke concentration to be obtained within the cooking chamber. The top vent acts as a chimney and the two side vents provide the necessary draft to maintain the proper smoking conditions. The unit is highly portable; the sturdy frame rests on four legs, thus providing the maximum stability.


  • High quality, non-corrosive, durable brass burner

  • Large grates with chrome plating

  • User-friendly controls; easy dismantling for cleaning and basic maintenance

  • Perfect starter model for novice users


  • Doors may lose magnetic adhesion over time

  • Less efficient than electrically powered models

Best Top-Rated Propane Gas Smokers

By examining in more detail the characteristics of each type of smoker, we show why the propane models are the best. Wood-fired smokers are inexpensive and indeed impart foods with rich flavors.

propane grill smoker combo

The basic problem with these models is that they require constant tending because too much charcoal leads to a bitter taste being imparted to the meat and too little charcoal will result in an overall bland taste.

Electric powered smokers convenient and are typically preferred by the casual user who is not overly concerned about attaining a particular level flavoring.

Propane smokers combine the benefits of both the charcoal/wood and electric models. The propane fuel delivery system is reliable and very easy to use. Additionally, the propane-powered models impart the intense flavors that the wood/charcoal smokers do.

Summing Up

We are confident that the information in this article will make you an informed consumer.

masterbuilt thermotemp propane smoker

We stock quality smokers and offer them at very reasonable prices. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with all of our products.

Starting from our base models to our deluxe products, we encourage you to use this article as a reference guide when considering the purchase of a new smoker.

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