Top-Rated Propane Smokers – Best BBQ Flavored in 2019

best propane smoker

The Top-Rated Propane Smokers. The Best BBQ Flavor

Do you remember the flavor of the most delicious smoky meat you have ever tasted? That succulent turkey for dinner with your family or a party in your backyard was amazing!

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Probably, it is a good idea to find a smokehouse, but it is excellent having your own smoker and the flavors in your own garden every time you want. Isn’t it great?

Here in this article, we will give you several ideas about the best smokers and their advantages.

The Best Gas Smoker Review

  1. Camp Chef Smoker 18-Inch Smoke Vault
  2. Masterbuilt MB20050118 MPS 330G Thermo Temp Propane Smoker
  3. Dyna-Glo DGY784BDP 36, Vertical LP Gas Smoker
  4. Smoke Hollow 44241G2 44-Inch Vertical Propane Gas Smoker
  5. Char-Broil Vertical Gas Smoker

Advantages of a Gas Smoker

A gas smoker offers a number of advantages. First, you do not need to worry about regulating the temperature when your food is being cooked.

You can fix the temperature and feel free to walk away or doing something else. The temperature will stay permanent throughout the whole process of cooking.

As for wood and charcoal smokers, they require more careful attention; you cannot stay away from cooking, charcoal smokers need your constant presence.

smoking turkey propane smoker

Charcoal smokers give the food an amazing taste but the stages of cooking can be much more complicated than while working with a gas smoker.

Gas smokers also provide a unique taste of smokiness. They are less expensive than electric smokers are and easier to use than charcoal smokers. Even first-timers will manage to cook with a gas smoker.

One more advantage of a gas smoker is its portability. There are compact models, which can be easily transported in any vehicle. You can transport larger models in a more spacious truck.

Electric smokers are easy to use and they may cost more than other types of smokers.

How to Use a Gas Smoker?

Gas smokers work on propane or natural gas going through the lower side of the smoker. The gas heats pans with wood and water and this creates steam with an unbeatable smoky flavor.

Gas smokers are equipped with vents, which regulate the airflow.

propane smoker conversion kit

You can control the temperature inside the cooking chamber with the help of the temperature gauge. It gives you the opportunity to watch the temperature while your food is being cooked.

All you have to do while the food is being cooked is to put wood chips on the special tray and to add some water. Sometimes you need to change a propane tank. If you need one tank, you may have one more to be sure that when you need to change it, you will manage to do it quickly.

How to Choose the Right Smoker?

Before buying a smoker, we would like to pay your attention to the most important features that can make your purchase more functional and suitable for your activity and to get maximum benefit for less money.

The main thing to take into consideration is how spacious the cooking chamber is. Many smokers are large enough; and you can cook a great variety of food, including meat and vegetables.

The best smoker allows you to cook the whole turkey, some slices of meat or vegetables and sausage at a time, as it has not only a lot of space but also several racks, which you can adjust on different levels.

electric vs propane smoker

The second important thing is whether the smoker was made of high-quality material. Looking for a smoker you may decide to buy a cheaper one as all of them can look similar and do similar operations.

If you have bought a cheap smoker made of less durable materials and poor assembly, you will quickly notice this. A solid smoker contains racks from long-lasting material, and all the doors will work in a proper manner.

Worrying about operating the smoker all the time, for example when some of its parts are no longer working properly, you will not be able to cook what you would like to.

The third thing that is also important when choosing a smoker, is water bowls and wood chip trays of the required size. If they are small, you will need a lot of time to refill the machine.

Another feature to pay attention to is easy maintenance. The best smoker should be easy to clean. Just take the removable parts of the machine and clean them with a sponge in a sink after the cooking session.


Gas smokers are usually very spacious and you can cook much food at a time, but sometimes space is not enough when you are going to have many more guests.

Another disadvantage of propane smokers is that gas is more expensive than charcoal or wood.

how to smoke a turkey in a propane smoker

If you prefer the taste of food cooked in wood and charcoal smokers, you may feel the different flavor that the propane smoker gives to the meat. This taste can be compared to bacon.

In spite of all these disadvantages, we recommend a propane smoker as it saves your time and energy while cooking, and gives you the opportunity to relax and spend a great time with your family and friends in the backyard or on the patio.

Here is the List of the Best Gas Smokers with their Pros and Cons

1# Camp Chef Stainless Adjustable SMV18S Smoker 18-Inch Vault

The Camp Chef Smoker 18-Inch Vault is the best choice for your cooking needs as it is spacious enough, capable of retaining permanent temperature, contains adjustable racks, features easy maintenance.

camp chef propane smokers smv 18s

The smoker creates an amazing flavor and adds a smoky aroma to the barbeque.


  • This model goes with 3 damper valves. They provide maximum regulation of the airstream. The valves are adjustable and accessible that you can easily create the required atmosphere inside the cooking chamber depending on the conditions recommended for a certain type of food you are cooking

  • The smoker contains a big water bowl that helps retain more moisture inside the smoker and you do not have to add the water very often

  • Heating can reach high temperatures. This smoker can cook at high and low temperatures. The highest temperature is 500 degrees F. This allows you for cooking different types of food, jerky or baked food, including pizza. The smoker goes with special racks for these types of food

  • The smoker features high-efficiency use of propane. One propane tank will be enough for one cooking session and there will be some propane left for another cooking

  • The cooking chamber is 903 square inches

  • The removable racks are easy to clean


  • The smoker has one door. Many users choose versions with two doors for heat retention inside the main chamber

2# Masterbuilt MB20050118 MPS 330G Thermo Temp Propane Smoker

Masterbuilt MB20050118 MPS 330G Thermo Temp Black Propane Smoker, 30-Inch provides a large cooking space of 1300 square feet. It allows you to cook for a large group of people.

The temperature gauge helps control the temperature easily, and the door lock system was designed the way it retains heat and the required smokiness inside the chamber where the cooking process goes.


  • The ignition system starts by pressing the ignition button. It is a great advantage in comparison to using matches or a lighter when you are getting ready to cook

  • The smoker has very good insulation; this prevents the heat leakage out of the smoker. It also helps create permanent moisture and smokiness inside the main chamber and adds a wonderful aroma of the wood to what is being cooked

  • There are 4 smoking racks in this model. The racks are made of chrome so they are very sturdy. Cheap racks can buckle when there is a lot of weight on them, and it makes you feel uncomfortable with cooking. These racks ensure you long-lasting service

  • The smoker has an accurate temperature gauge. This built-in thermometer is one of the most reliable thermometers that can be located on a smoker. The temperature gauge goes within 5 degrees. The accuracy of the temperature is an important feature when it comes to choosing a gas smoker


  • The water pan is not large, this is why you will have to change it frequently that can cause a bit of a nuisance

  • The wood chip tray is not large so you need to add chips regularly because they quickly burn through

  • The smoker has one door.

3# Dyna-Glo DGY784BDP 36, Vertical LP Gas Smoker

The Dyna-Glo DGY784BDP 36, Vertical LP Gas Smoker has a double-door design, a large chamber for cooking, a cast iron burner and a simple ignition system.

The smoker is lightweight, durable and easy to clean. This smoker gives an amazing taste to the food that will remind you happy moments of your barbeque party.


  • The ignition starts by pressing the button

  • The smoker contains racks that you can adjust depending on different heights of meat, whether it is a large piece of meat or these are flat ribs and vegetables.

  • This useful advantage makes the smoker very popular among barbeque lovers as it allows you to get the maximum benefit from using it

  • The wood chip box is made of steel so it is also very sturdy. Its handles help take the chip box even if it is hot and prevent your hands from high temperatures.

  • The smoker has a double-door design. The doors are covered with rope gasket thanks to which the smoke stays inside the machine

  • The cooking chamber is 784 square inches

  • The model is lightweight. It weighs 56 pounds. You can move it around your garden or take it to any other place when you are going camping by car with your family


  • The lid covering chip box fits not very tight, so it can cause a bit of a nuisance

  • The smoker has a poor temperature gauge

4# Smoke Hollow 44241G2 44-Inch Vertical Propane Gas Smoker

The Smoke Hollow 44241G2 44-Inch Vertical Propane Gas Smoker has an advanced double-door design, which gives you the opportunity to add water or wood without heating leakage.

The smoker has the easiest heat and liquid control system that allows you to set the desired temperature with the help of the dial, which is located on the smoker.


  • The smoker has a large water bowl. As there is a lot of water in the water pan, you will not have to add the water more frequently than once in 5 hours, if the temperature is not high

  • The wood chip box is greater than in many other models of smokers. Thanks to this advantage, you do not need to add wood very often. You can put much wood in the box knowing that it will not burn fast. There is also a cover on the wood chip box, so you can avoid flare-ups

  • One more advantage of the smoker is its double-door design. When cooking you may feel free to open the door for water and wood chips if you need to add any of them, without loss of heat in the main chamber. It reduces the time of cooking as the temperature remains the same throughout the cooking session and there are no fluctuations

  • The smoker goes with 4 shelves that you adjust to the desired level

  • The cooking chamber is 4 cubic feet This cooking space is more than enough; you can also use this smoker for cooking for commercial purposes

  • The smoker features high-efficiency use of fuel. If the temperature of cooking is not high, you will need 1 propane tank for one session

  • The heating element has an output of 20,000 BTU. No other model of smokers works more efficient than this smoker


  • You may be uncomfortable with adjusting the shelves as they do not have sufficient fixation in the holes, and you will have to do some additional work

5# Char-Broil Vertical Gas Smoker

The Char-Broil Vertical Gas Smoker contains a rack for sauces. This advantage distinguishes this smoker from the others.

char broil big easy propane smoker

The double-door design allows you to avoid leakage of heat and smoke from the cooking area and helps regulate the temperature inside the cooking chamber.

The smoker goes with drawers, which make it easy to add wood and water.


  • The smoker has a dual-door design

  • The advantage of having a warming rack on the top of the model gives you the opportunity to make your meal even more delicious because you can warm sauces and marinades on this warming rack. It is very convenient and it will save some cooking space


  • The smoker has one tray for wood chips and water. Usually, smokers have two different trays for water and wood chips respectively.

  • This smoker offers one tray for both. You may be uncomfortable with refilling the water or wood chips too frequently

  • The quality of materials used for the smoker and its parts are different. The legs seem to be not as sturdy as the whole structure

  • The cooking chamber is 595 square inches spacious. It is less than the cooking space in many other smokers


We are sure that this information will help you when making the purchase of a smoker.

We guarantee high quality of our products at reasonable prices.

All the models of the smokers listed in this article have their peculiarities and advantages. One of them will definitely become an integral part of your backyard.

Although most smokers are similar, we recommend you the Camp Chef Smoker 18-Inch Vault. It provides large cooking space for its size.

Moreover, it features high-efficiency use of propane.

The smoker contains a separate water pan and wood chip pan.

The Camp Chef Smoker 18-Inch Vault is sturdy and made of high-quality materials. Several adjustable racks of the smoker are efficient in use and easy to clean. This smoker has maximum advantages of an exceptional product.

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